Rethinking Adventures in Babysitting

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved the movie Adventures in Babysitting. It was such fun. A babysitter’s friend runs away from home so you get to ride with her to the city to save the friend. On the way, a tire goes flat, you fun into car thieves, get in the middle of a gang showdown on a bus, and use a bathroom at a frat party. Perfect, right? Uh… not so much. When I was watching this movie the other day, I was so disturbed. Not only did Chris (Elisabeth Shue) have horrible taste in guys (her “boyfriend” at the beginning was Jerk – notice the capital-J), but she didn’t really know how to take care of kids. I mean seriously, what sort of teenager in a grandpa coat would take a bunch of kids into the city to save her irrational friend. I’d just call the friends’ parents, I mean, really…

That said, the movie still has a stellar opening sequence with the “Then He Kissed Me” song. But really… I get why movies get “dated.” Just check the trailer.


If any of y’all are really “feeling” this movie, you can borrow it from me. I’ve got it on VHS. #what

Tata for now.



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