A Little R. Spektor for the Morning

You know how sometimes you have memories attached to certain songs and musicians? Well this morning, I was really not wanting to get out of bed and then I realized, ugh, if I don’t get out of bed all these people will be disappointed in the fact that I didn’t do what I said I was going to do and also that if I didn’t get out of bed, I wouldn’t do the stuff that I had planned to do for myself. So I got out of bed. My one stipulation – I had to have morning music to get me pumped up for life.

I started browsing through my iTunes and I saw my four albums of Regina Spektor. I was going to pick Far when I decided – hmm, why not go with the first one I discovered. So it was that I decided to listen to Begin to Hope. The first song, Fidelity, took me back to a place called Skala Podilska where I hung out with my Peace Corps friends in Ukraine when my friend Mandi first introduced me to the artist. I remember the layout of her apartment even though I haven’t been there in seven years. I remember the walks we took from her apartment to go cook shashlik in the woods. I remember how the four of us watched Grey’s Anatomy together in that space where the song Fidelity played at the end of one of the episodes. Holy cow. It’s been a long time. And if I’m honest, that grumpy feeling I kept thinking about as I refused to get up this morning started to melt away as all those memories came back. It’s quite therapeutic.

If you’ve never heard of Regina Spektor and you listen to her music for the first time with the video I’m about to post, I suggest you make your own associations with the experience. Perhaps it’ll be like my morning listen, where the sun is shinning outside and you’re waiting for your hair to dry before heading to work. Or maybe you’ll listen to it later this evening when you’re just getting home from a long workday. Either way, enjoy.

Tata for now.



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