The Differences Between Turning 30 and 31

When you’re getting ready to turn thirty, things are exciting. You’re getting ready to hit a new decade. You’ve finally gotten used to the idea of not being in your twenties. And you’re okay with it. When you check yourself out in the mirror, you know that you’re looking good. “I’m thirty?” you ask yourself. “And I look this good?” And you give yourself an air five in the mirror. You have a whole decade ahead of you to do amazing things and become the person you want to be. Life is awesome at thirty.

On the other hand, when you’re getting ready for 31, things are different. Suddenly, you’re not entering a new decade of your life. You’re in that decade and you’re able to see all the things you didn’t do yet. (Hurumph!) Instead of seeing how good you look, you realize that you’ve got acne again and there’s a Cindy Crawford style zit a quarter inch above your lip. The next nine years start to close in on you and you realize that before too long, you’ll be forty and your big brother is going to send you a black birthday cake with black frosting and an old maid card as the cake topper if you don’t get your act together.

Oh… you think I’m being too dramatic or pessimistic. You try turning 31!

Tata for now!



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