Tea Talk

“Great opportunities may come around once in a lifetime, but small opportunities surround us every day.” – Rick Warren, Christian pastor and author

My mom and I were having a tea party with my nieces this weekend and my mom shared these words of wisdom. It was a special tea party as it was MayTay and Magsie’s first ever tea party with us. The two of them continued to speak back and forth in what I consider to be “regular sister fashion” meaning that they interrupted one another and kept trying to get my mom’s and my attention the entire time.

When we tried to get the tea party to settle down so we could be done with it after a while was when my mom shared the words of wisdom. What do you think this means? She asked the group. MayTay piped up. “I think the great opportunity is like when you get to see the Easter bunny and the small opportunity is like setting the table – something you can do every day.”

Only the day before Easter will a kid tell you that a great opportunity in life will be to see the Easter bunny. That big rabbit is creepy!

Tata for now.



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