Movie of the Week: Belle

I am a movie person. When other families spent holiday weekends and furlough days camping or visiting grandparents, my family went to the movies. The movie theater was local and at one point, matinees were only $2.50.

I get that time has sped forward and movies are nowhere near that low price, but I’m still a movie junkie. I love watching them. I love talking about them, and I love writing about them.

Unfortunately, this year, I haven’t gone to the movies that often. As a grad student, I just “don’t have time” to sit in a theater for two hours when I really should be reading articles that will inform my research and academics. Tonight, I made time. I’m in the countdown phase of my first year of the CSSA program at OSU and I am feeling it. There’s just one big project looming over me and I’ve got to finish it up on Wednesday night with a presentation. As I worked on the project this evening, tapping my feet and biting my nails, I meandered over to Fandango to see what was playing. That’s when I saw it: Belle. Belle finally made it to Corvallis and though it was only ten minutes to showtime, I threw on a pair of pants and headed to the theater.

Belle is the story of race, family, and equality. It’s a story set in England when the slave trade was still very much part of the culture. The heroine of the story is Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate mixed race daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay, who goes to live with her aunt and uncle and her blond cousin Elizabeth. Belle’s story is hard, real, and incredibly important. I would definitely recommend this movie to people who care about movies, good stories, history, and social justice.

If you’re looking for a good study break or if you’re just looking for something to do on an evening out, I suggest you check out Belle. I definitely give the movie FIVE STARS!


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