Pa Bunn’s Week-Long Birthday Bash #bbj65bday

Birthdays rock. Pa on bdayI mean, they really do. My dad had a birthday yesterday and he’s gotten a week-long party for it. Why, you may ask? Well… he’s 65. And he hasn’t had a fancy birthday party ever and he really wanted his family to go to Disneyland for his birthday. So… we bought the tickets… took the train… and came to Disneyland.

Yesterday, for the full birthday, we spent the entire time at the park. And that was awesome. Plus, we were easy to spot with the bright green shirts. Woot! Woot!

Traveling with a group can be a bit much on occasion. Bathroom breaks are many. Food issues DEFINITELY arrive (and the Bunns get grumpy when they want food. Let’s face it though – everyone gets grumpy when they want food.). And old and young people don’t always have the same level of energy as they did when they were teenagers or twenty-somethings (and no one on our trip fits those categories – YIKES!).

Bunn, party of seven #bbj65bday

Bunn, party of seven #bbj65bday

Thus far, our trip has been a hoot and a half. We may be a bit tired from the constant fun, but you know, that’s just part of being at Disneyland.

Tata for now.



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