I saw plenty of penguins yesterday on my trip down to Boulders in the Western Cape of South Africa. These penguins were the things my friends an I sort of hoped to see during our first day in Cape Town only the three of us had no idea where things were or how long it would take to get places.

Did you actually know I was in Cape Town? Maybe not. Most of the initial posts for this trip were posted to JourneyCSSA at the start of my trip, but since penguins aren’t very academic or ed reformish in my life, I decided to put them on trusty old Peanut Butter Girl.

Speaking of Peanut Butter, I haven’t had any peanut butter in any many months until the other day when I was walking through a food market in Cape Town by the waterfront. A young woman was selling jars of natural peanut butter her company makes. #yum I should have gotten myself some, but honestly, I still have leftover treats from the Disneyland trip with my family. Why I lugged them all the way to South Africa, I have no idea though I did give a granola bar to a panhandler today. He was asking for money for bread. Why not just give him a granola bar to help him out with food?

We weren’t allowed to hand out food to the penguins the other day. This was a true bummer, but you know, I wouldn’t have wanted to give some food to a few penguins and when I would run out have the whole nest of the penguins attack me and peck me to death. (This is what birds do, you know. Or at least this is what my friend Emma is afraid of.)

Because I’m a “good girl,” I followed the rules and just looked at the penguins and took pictures of them dancing in the rain. And of course, I took a selfie of myself with the penguins before rushing up the hill to get back to the bus and dry off (it seriously rained more than it does in Oregon).

Tata for now.




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