Toto and Chickens

I’m not much of a TV watcher. This leaves me in the dark with basically every TV commercial that’s popular, unless it’s a Super Bowl commercial because I totally come out of the rafters to watch those things on real TV. When I do watch TV, it’s like my mind is suddenly open to the outside world – those things people in stores, on buses, or in the doctor’s office are talking about finally make sense.

When I was in Seattle with my parents last week, I saw a TV commercial that blew my mind. Granted, the reason I loved it has everything to do with the fact that I had returned from South Africa (ZA) not five days before and the song in the commercial was Toto’s Africa, something one of my friends from ZA continued to play for us on her phone. But still, the commercial is great. It reminds me a bit of a Jimmy Fallon sing-along with Amy Poehler and a bunch of other people dressed as chickens, only even cooler because it’s Toto and Pacific Northwest chickens.

Enjoy the show.

Tata (or should it be Toto) for now.



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