Becoming One’s Biggest Fear

Yesterday, I joined my brother for Book Club in Beaverton. I didn’t actually read the book. I would like to blame grad school for this, but in reality I can only blame myself for being in grad school and thus not having or taking time to read the scary book. My brother was chill about it. He gave me a summary of the book and had created questions about themes and subjects that didn’t require a full reading of the text. We were able to have book club.

So in this book that I didn’t read a lot of supernatural things happened. It’s set in New Orleans where the water infects people with an Elysium parasite. Once someone is infected, they can control other peoples’ minds. When the sicky takes over the mind of someone they either love or hate, the person whose mind they’re taking over will transform into their biggest fear. My brother asked a question about this.

What’s your biggest fear? What would you turn into?

I made him answer first. He said something about a spiderlike creature (he’s deathly afraid of spiders). Then he asked me. I tilted my head, trying to figure out how to explain my thoughts. And then I said it. “Becoming one of the ladies from Grey Gardens.”

In case you didn’t know, the ladies from Grey Gardens are the ultimate cat ladies. Not only do they have pet cats, they feed raccoons in their attic and hoard pretty much everything. I do NOT want to become one of these women. I’m hoping that my second master’s degree (and my new shoes) will help me avoid the possibility of becoming like the two Edith Beales.

What about you? What’s your biggest fear?

Tata for now!



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