Greetings from Mumbai, India!

Right now, I’m sitting in a bar stool at the airport food court, charging my iPhone and typing this out to all of you. By the time it posts, I hope to be showered and fresh smelling and no longer wearing my once-beloved homework hoodie that now smells of two-day journey and airplane curry.

Mumbai is a mystery. I won’t really get to explore the city for a few more days. This nine-hour layover ended up being one of those, hang out in the chair, try to sleep, attempt to read, sort of layovers in which I failed to complete any of the tasks to my expectations. That’s ok though because I’m in India!

India is my newest adventure, an adventure that may begin with me traveling alone but that will allow me to connect to other graduate scholars from New York University and investigate higher education in India. Did you know that by the year 2030, India is going to have the most sophisticated system of higher education in the world? Watch out America! You’re about to be surpassed!

This trip to India is really a graduate school kind of trip. I have plenty of homework, things to read, and some serious things to write, but I’m also using it as a bit of a cleansing experience. 2014 was an interesting year in my life and honestly, I’m hoping that 2015 can be a bit more joyful for me. Thus, I’ve been journaling frantically since I first got on the plane. I want to remember the things I’m seeing and reflect on the nonsense I write down when I look back at the journal later. For example, isn’t it interesting that I saw a female adult pick her nose here at the airport? I’m pretty sure I’d never seen something like that before. If I had, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it hidden behind Kleenex or napkins so as to hide the fact that the woman was human. This woman in Mumbai had no fear. She stuck the whole finger up her nose to readjust whatever needed adjusting. Way to go. Maybe with some practice, I can conquer my fears as well. Watch out, world! Sharece is going to stop saying sorry for every single little thing! WOOT! WOOT!

So anyway, I’ve decided to write about India on THIS blog because it’s much too conversational to fit my advisor’s standards for my CSSA blog. Enjoy it, y’all!

Tata for now.



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