Nerding Out with Inspiration

Most of my friends and acquaintances get the fact that I’m a nerd. In fact, they figure this out pretty quickly. Luckily, they tolerate me for being super sweet and caring at some point in the mix of nerdiness. Well, this morning I nerded out with inspiration. It wasn’t as cheesy as when I made my academic success class go around and say what they were good at followed by a round of applause. In fact, I’m sure I nerded out in a “cooler” fashion as I used social media to help me out. It started innocently enough. I wanted to see what Chimamanda Adichie said about feminism in a graduation commencement speech. And then I started watching Stephen Colbert’s speech, Ellen’s from 2009, Mindy Kaling’s from 2014, and more. I just couldn’t help it. I was inspired! Why don’t people say these amazing inspirational things daily? And why don’t we open our ears and our minds up to listen to this sort of wisdom more often? I didn’t get it.

I was staring at my screen with a awestruck grin on my face when I saw Meryl’s speech waiting in the sidebar. And so I watched it. I realized that Meryl was much more than her academy awards and much more than the roles she played on screen. I could tell that she was a real person and that her performance skills have forever changed the way women in Hollywood will be accepted. She’s paved the way. So now it’s time for me and all the men and women younger than me to keep that story going. We’ve got to challenge the male-dominated world and stand up for ourselves and be real. If we don’t, how will we change the world?

I don’t know if you have copious amounts of time to watch inspirational YouTube videos, but in case you do, I’d suggest watching Meryl’s as a starting point. I mean really, why not join the gang of nerdy inspiration junkies with me!?

Tata for now!



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