It’s Coming… (the great ThanksCringing)

It’s nearing the end of October. This means that in a little over a week, it will be… November. In November, many things happen: people put away their Halloween decorations and pull out window clings of turkeys and pilgrims, some begin to plan to exercise to avoid the “holiday weight” and fail, men take on the challenge of “no shave November” to look more ruggedly handsome thus increasing the number of women who have summer babies, and my Facebook friends spend thirty days counting down what they’re thankful for on their walls for the whole world to see. Of all those activities, the one that irritates me the most is the thankfulness. It’s not that I’m an ungrateful person or that I am ridiculously hateful in general, I just get annoyed when I see a friend post something so sweet and wonderful about her family or children right after I get an “Ugh” text from her about how much life sucks. Am I being judgmental? Absolutely. Do I realize that I’ve being a jerk? Not until my oldest sister calls me out on it.

So as not to be annoyed the entire month of November, I’ve decided to try this whole grateful thing in the month of October – today, in fact, on this very blog. I mean – I know the Facebook posts are coming. There’s nothing I can do about them. So… what’s that saying? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em?

Here goes.

Things I am grateful for this 23rd day of October in the year 2015:

  1. Kleenex – to clean up my snotty nose
  2. My computer – for allowing me to type so that the carpal tunnel that is surely headed my way from writing arrives a little slower
  3. Television – for rotting my brain when real life is getting a little too real
  4. Bath & Body Works – for making the lotions and body sprays that continue to make me “smell amazing” so that people enjoy my presence
  5. Earth – for giving me clean water to drink
  6. Watches – for looking so much cooler than cell phones and giving me the upper hand on knowing the time so I’m not “that girl” who always pulls out her phone when out with friends (though I know I do on occasion)
  7. Text messaging – for helping me communicate and avoid talking on the phone
  8. Washers & Dryers – for cleaning my clothes, because let’s face it – the three years living in Ukraine without these machines were rough
  9. Gala apples – for tasting better than all of the other kinds of apples
  10. Flannel pajama pants – for getting me through tough winters year by year
  11. My parents – for the usual things parents do like giving me life, teaching me to hand sew, sheer sheep, and of course stay positive
  12. My siblings – for consoling me during the sheep sheering lessons on the farm
  13. My friends – for not asking me to replay the years of sheep sheering on the farm and essentially never identifying me with those awful creatures called sheep
  14. The State of Oregon – for issuing me a birth certificate
  15. Life in general – I can’t really imagine what existence would be like without this one thing

There you have it, folks. A list of things I’m grateful for. Now that you’ve read my list, I promise to smile and read your lists on Facebook all of November without a single cringe.

Tata for now.



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