Pirate Day

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19 every year. I know this because when I was in college, my chaplain would stand up in front of us and preach like a pirate. This is a bit of an oxymoron because pirates don’t really preach or pray or really recognize a god other than gold and rum. Perhaps I’m generalizing a bit too much. I’m sure some pirates prayed to god right before they’d light fire to villages and slit throats and such…

Captain Rece

Captain Rece

I’ve always thought pirates were pretty groovy. I think this is because I grew up with pirates as a mascot at school. Either that or I was just super jazzed about riding on a giant pirate ship like Captain Hook.

Today, I am dressed like a pirate. It’s been sort of embarrassing, what with wearing my striped tights on a public bus, but it’s also been kind of fun. My office, part of the Student Affairs Division on LBCC’s campus engaged in the campus Halloween festivities this year. Apparently, it’s a very big deal. I feel sort of out of place with the hat and giant cape I borrowed from my sister, but I’m also super excited to be part of a group of people that really engages in the quirky things in life. However, I have learned from Seth Meyers that Halloween costumes are inappropriate for people over thirty. Though I totally believe Seth has a point, I’m embracing the weirdness of the situation and wearing my pirate costume with pride. I mean, when I look this good in a pirate costume, why wouldn’t I?

Tata for now, maties!




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