New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a New Year’s Resolutions kind of girl. I think I tried it once. I was a little kid and I was at my aunt’s for the New Year’s celebration. Aunt Kathy gave each of us a 3 by 5 note card and told us to write down our New Year’s Resolutions. I didn’t know what she was talking about. Like a typical baby of the family, I walked around the house trying to find out from each of my siblings what they were writing down and how this applied to me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t find my answers but probably copied what my sister Shelli wrote down: “I will make connections with the local theater troupe to push myself towards a career on Broadway.”
Nah. She didn’t really write that, but when I look back on life, I really think she should have because then we’d be in New York rather than hanging out in Dayton, Oregon singing the words to songs from Enchanted all of the time.
Now back to my point. I’ve never really been good at New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of doing this, I make goals. Goals are smarter. It’s more likely that I’ll work towards them and goals are something you can continue to work towards. Rather than a New Year’s Resolution to work out that you fail within the first month, why not make an achievable goal to do two sets of squats during the first week of the New Year. Once you accomplish that, maybe you’ll be more likely to try the next thing?
You think I’m full of crap don’t you? For some reason, you don’t see the difference between new years resolutions and goals? Well, let me spell it out for you with an example.
New Years Resolutions 2016:

  • I’m going to be a nice person in 2016.
  • I’m going to lose weight in the New Year.
  • I’m going to meet and marry the man of my dreams in 2016.

2016 Goals:

  • I will go grab a beer with my annoying older brother for his birthday in January to help myself slowly become a nicer person.
  • I will work on finding a suitable weight for me by joining a weight loss program thus creating a support network for myself.
  • I will ask that guy at work on a date so I can start “getting out there.”

Do you see any difference? The goals are a bit more specific and because they are, it’s probably more likely that I’d know how to do them thus increasing my chance of success. So you see, I didn’t write New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve just got some pretty rad goals.
Cheers, folks.



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