Election Aftermath

Last week, I heard that anything could happen. This, of course, was in reference to the Cubs winning the World Series, but I was hoping that it would also lead to me waking up to news of the first female president in the US after Election Day. That’s not what happened. Rather, I woke up to more reports of Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election.


Why is this wrong?


Our nation has just voted to elect a racist, sexist, xenophobic, incompetent individual to serve in the most important position in the world. Not only does he have very little knowledge of foreign affairs and how our government works, but he also has proven to be racist throughout his entire campaign. Also, as a woman, I can’t support this man who was caught on tape discussing the times he sexually assaulted women. Plus, Trump’s ideas on immigration are exceedingly limited. He doesn’t understand how difficult it currently is to get to the United States. As an immigration advisor at a college here in the US, I’ve realized that I have a stronger understanding of our immigration system than our newly elected president. That’s just disturbing.


Trump’s views on immigration are just terrible. Why has this country elected an isolationist president?

I, like many others, have looked at the possibility of moving to Canada to avoid this ridiculousness. So many folks thought the same as me that the Canadian immigration site crashed last night. If a mass exodus of non-Trump supporters were to occur following this election, you know what would remain in America? An openly White supremacist society with KKK ideals and isolationist policies. I truly believe that waking up to the news of Donald Trump as the president-elect this morning is the worst “current event” of my lifetime.


This is not okay. America, we deserved better. We deserved to elect a leader. Trump can’t lead because he doesn’t understand the office of the president. I am fearful for these next four years and you should be too.


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