Why I marched.

Yesterday, we marched. Millions of people across the world gathered together to take a stand and protest the hate, discrimination, fear, and terror that our new president has spread throughout his campaign and his first day in office. When I asked myself why I marched, I hardly know how to respond. How could I not have marched? What else would honestly have been more important or valuable to do on that historic day?


On Inauguration Day, my friends were sending texts about the ridiculous hateful actions the White House was already taking. For example, within hours of being sworn into office, Trump’s White House staff had taken down web pages on Civil Rights, LGBT Rights, and Climate Change. Really? WTF?! These actions alone contributed to the reason I marched.

I marched because people who think that America is post racism are just wrong. If we want to eliminate racism in our nation, we have to acknowledge white privilege, challenge white supremacy, and support programs and initiatives that support people of color and provide equitable opportunities for the folks who have been marginalized by our racist systems for centuries.

I marched because as a woman, I believe I have the right to choose what to do with my body. I believe all women have that right and that the government does not have the right to dictate those choices. Along with that, I believe that victim shaming and blaming has got to stop. No man or woman has a right to touch my body or force me to do anything with my body to satisfy their needs or desires. I am in control of my body and no one has a right to take away that control.


The Future is Female. I was so proud to march with young feminists who are dedicated to this cause. 

I marched because I believe that religion should stay out of politics. Though our money states, “In God We Trust,” our founding fathers were people who made mistakes and had errors in judgment that showed their humanity and prejudices. The thing I appreciate the most about our founding fathers is that they fought for the separation of church and state. In my world, there is no right religion or faith. One’s faith is merely the way they make sense of the world. And to say that one person’s interpretation of the meaning of life is the only way is just ridiculous.

I marched because I want to see my brother marry the love of his life. Throughout my life, I have been ignorant about LGBT rights, but in the past few years, I have learned much about gender identity and sexual orientation. People have a right to express their gender in their own personal way! And people have a right to love who they want to love! Why would any person try to prohibit another person from loving someone who makes happy and whole? That’s just mean to do so! Let’s love win! Marriage Equality Rocks!


my favorite sign: In Our America…

I marched because I can’t stay silent anymore. I refuse to be silent. I refuse to complain about what’s going wrong without taking any action. I will not be that person. I encourage my friends and family to take action too. So readers, if you are bothered by the racism, hatred, and intolerance present in our country right now, do something about it. Talk to a neighbor. Go to a council meeting. Talk to someone on the other side. Read. And take a stand. Because if you’re not doing anything to bring unity, inclusivity, or equity to the situation at hand, you are actually perpetuating the problem.

Tata for now.



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