Long-Term Relationships and Beards

I didn’t realize that men with beards were better for long-term relationships. Clearly, they have longer-term commitments to their facial hair and food scrapings therein, but whether their beard would affect how long they could be in a relationship with me never crossed my mind… until today.

This morning I learned that researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia did a study with 8,520 women to see how men were rated based on attractiveness. Men with full-beards were rated as the best for long-term relationships.

I guess this might be accurate. I mean, at this point, both of my sisters are married to men with full beards and they are in long-term relationships so… that’s enough proof, right?

While this article has taught me a bit about us women’s perception of what men will bring us relationship-wise. I don’t know how accurate or real this may be. Does perception ever equal reality? Don’t some men grow long beards simply because they know women are starting to think this brings stability? And how damaging is it to those of us women who might actually really believe beards equal long-term commitment when guys read this and start growing out their facial hair to get more action?

Though I appreciate the effort the researchers at the University put into this study, I think it might be a load of B.S.

Until next time,



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