That Time We Got Lost On The Way to Canada

My parents and I are seasoned travelers. We’ve traveled Western and Eastern Europe together, gone on roadtrips to Washington, hot spots in Oregon, and even Disney adventures to California and Florida. This weekend was to be the first time the three of us traveled up north to our neighbors in Canada. Only… it has taken us 22 of the projected 8 hours of travel and adventure and we still haven’t made it across the border. Here’s what happened.

Around the time we passed Seattle in I-5, my mom asked me to look up the route to Anacortes. “That’s where we’ll catch the Ferry to Victoria,” she said.

I looked up the route.

“We need to travel to Friday Harbor,” she said while driving.

“Do we have to take another ferry from there?” I asked.

“No. We go to Friday Harbor,” she said.

I looked at the map on my phone, sure that there was more to the route.

“After we get there,” she said, “there will be bridges.”

That makes sense, I thought. Because between Friday Harbor and Victoria, there was definitely a bunch of water.

I didn’t question her too much. You see, my mom is a smart cookie. She spent a good chunk of her formative years in Washington state so by default, I see her as a complete expert on all roads and things related to this wonderful state.

But she didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

After we first checked in to the Ferry line at about 6:00 PM, we ended up getting a reservation on the 10:30 Ferry. So… we got out of line and went into Anacortes to spend time in the city – eating dinner and playing a card game our family holds dear.


From Instagram: “When you realize at 11:33 PM on a ferry… in the middle of Puget Sound… that you are lost on your way to Canada. Yes, my passport might work, but my mom’s navigational skills are slightly challenged. Glad Pa Bunn is asleep right now. #ShouldaGrabbedMyRoadAtlas #RoadTrippingItToCanada #TravelWithTheRents #Travel

At about 11:35, when we were on the Ferry on the way to Friday Harbor, my mom came up to me and said, “Rece, I think we’re on the wrong Ferry. This doesn’t go to Canada.”

“There’s not a bridge that goes over to Victoria?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said, as her eyes continued to soak in the shock.

“Canada is avoiding us!” I said. “Like the guys on Bumble.”

And we both laughed.

My dad woke up out of his mini sleep and I had to tell him the news. He thought it was a joke. Nope. We’re really still going to be in Washington State tonight.

Then I brought up the first ferry line we had gone through– “When we passed the lady our passports, she sort of laughed us off and said we wouldn’t need those.” I just assumed that the word, “Yet” was the natural ending to that sentence.

My parents both shook their heads.

“We didn’t plan well on this trip,” I started to laugh hysterically. “It’s like when a group of four-year olds sneak into their parent’s car and pretend to be ready to drive to Canada.”

Really. That’s what yesterday was like. We were a small gaggle of children taking off on an adventure without a proper map, the critical thinking skills to question our intuition, and a bag of Halloween Oreos; clearly, the perfect combination for an amazing adventure.

Tata for now.



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