My Crush on Aaron Burr

Ever since I first listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack over a year ago, I have been struggling with a very serious issue. After listening to every rhyme and every lyric of every song, I have completely become attached to Aaron Burr. I know! This is appalling! He’s a menace! He has no morals and changes his opinions to fit fall fashion. But he’s also incredibly sensitive and sweet and charming… or so I think. (It could be that I find Leslie Odom, Jr. to be the most attractive cast member, but that’s another issue.)


The Hamilton Soundtrack is a full win, every time. 

What I like about Aaron Burr’s character is that he’s so relatable. He’s like so many people I know: students studying majors they hate in order to please their parents, sisters adhering to their husband’s desires and wishes for their homes and careers, neighbors working jobs they don’t believe in to pay for their rent and transportation costs, and advisors like me enforcing regulations that were created to restrict learners from experiencing higher education in the US as fully as it should be. Aaron Burr was human. And humans have faults and struggles that make them… people. 

And people are flawed.

Despite what the hero, Mr. Alexander Hamilton thought of himself, he was also flawed. I think of Hamilton as that guy in meetings that you hate seeing. He’s the guy who makes you feel like your work isn’t enough, that you haven’t done your part to make the world a better place. He’s the one who would want exchange change immediately and wouldn’t learn a thing about the way things work. Hamilton could easily be me when I get on my high horse on occasion. And no one likes me on my soapbox. Or anyone on a soapbox for that matter; it’s unattractive.

So… to put this in perspective, I’ve come to the following conclusion: to be a reasonable candidate in the dating world, one needs to become a politician like Aaron Burr. Correct? Or am I way off? Dating is all about being relatable. Am I right or am I right?

Tata for now!



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