Higher Education

I believe the words of Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Though education, we can tackle poverty, racism, sexism, and heterosexism. We can take meaningful steps to make this a better world where all people are treated equally and we become one community of global citizens who work together towards world peace.

After years of searching for my place in this sea of careers around the globe, I found my niche: higher education, and more specifically than that, international education where I have the opportunity to serve international students. My journey to international ed was anything but linear, but I do believe that every step I made from college until now has helped me form my meaningful career.

I gained the bulk of my expertise in higher education when I worked towards my second master’s degree at Oregon State University. During that time, I worked on my portfolio, Journey CSSA. I would highly encourage those interested in advancing their careers in higher education to check out the CSSA program at OSU as it is incredibly powerful and life changing if you let it be.

As I continue to advance my career, I stay connected through LinkedIn where I have an updated profile that reflects my skills and expertise. I would encourage any reader to connect with me here to collaborate or learn more about what I do.

Tata for now.

Sharece M. Bunn