Meeting the New Girl

I watched the pilot episode of New Girl sometime last fall. I found it for free on iTunes and I thought, awesome! Why not? I’m a huge Zooey Deschanel fan. I loved her in Almost Famous and have thought she’s pretty cool in just about every other movie I’ve seen her in. New Girl seemed like a perfect show for me. But I hated the Pilot. It was so unbearably embarrassing to watch and she was so incredibly over the top. I couldn’t devote the time or energy to watch it this past year. But then my friend Morgan told me I would love it. I wasn’t sure if she was right or not, but I remembered her suggestion and figured I’d eventually watch it.

Then my cousin Penny told me about it. She said there was a part with the chicken dance that when she sees it, she thinks of me. Ok. Now I knew I was definitely going to watch it.

Today, I watched what I could on Hulu and let me tell you, I LOVE IT! It’s hilarious. The characters just work together. One of my favorites is the party bus for Schmidt’s birthday. I just think that party would be awesome and weird because I am also 29 and I remember having a bit of a strange 29th birthday event and I think it would be rad to have a party bus on a school bus. Plus, Schmidt said what I’ve been feeling since this April 15th: “This is my 29th birthday party. After this, it’s all just darkness.”

It’s just an awesome show. I think I would want to be friends with the people on the show because they are so normal. Ok. They’re not really normal but they are uncomfortably weird in a totally normal and “I think I’ve met someone like this” sort of way. I like it. I would actually choose to hang out with these people and you can ask some of my friends, I’m a bit picky with who I spent time with, so for me, that really means something. I like the New Girl and I’m glad I get to catch up with them this fall on Fox.


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