Movie Talks – One Direction: This is Us

I’m not really into boy bands. I never really was. I mean sure I had a crush on Nick Carter when I was a high schooler, but then again, I had a crush on every good-looking blond guy around. And as for N’Sync, sure I bought their CD, but I wasn’t really into the music, it was more so I could relate to my cousin who was obsessed with them back in the day. Rather than listening to boy bands, I was always into Oldies, you know, the stuff from the 60s. And I loved the Beatles. I also got into the Top 40 hits in the 90s – the ones you heard on TV commercials and popular TV shows. But as for the boy band bit, I didn’t really memorize their lyrics or beg my mom to take me to any of their concerts. Concerts and boy band posters in my room were a waste of money or so said Ma Bunn.

All of that has changed this week, Friday in fact, when I went to the Carmike Theater here in Corvallis to watch One Direction: This is Us. My best friends seem to judge me for watching this movie and it’s funny because after watching it, I know that they would totally love most of the movie, but perhaps it’s the embarrassment of going to see a movie about a boy band that keeps them away. I didn’t care about appearances; I wanted to see that movie. And It. Was. Adorable.

One Direction: This is Us tells the story of this UK boy band. All five guys were talented singers who tried out for X-Factor in the UK. Simon Cowell, who I know as the mean guy from American Idol a few years ago, decided that those five boys needed to be in a band. And so they became a band. They gained popularity because of the crazy young lady fans who watched X-Factor and essentially offered free marketing for the talented group of five.

After watching this movie, I realized that my hatred for American Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor sort of leaves me out of the loop a bit, but I feel like if I start listening to Top 40 radio hits, I’ll catch up…

I also realized how much of a sap I am. My favorite song of theirs is What Makes You Beautiful from their Up All Night Album and it is just adorable and sweet and even though I’m 30 and in some peoples’ minds should be settled by now, I’m not so I appreciate the sweetness and naivete of their take on relationships.

To sum up, I absolutely loved One Direction: This is Us. I want to buy the movie and watch it when days are rough. I’m almost up for buying a boy band poster to put up in my office just to give me a boost when I’m at work.

If you’re into movies and documentaries, music, or cute boys, you’ll probably like this movie.

Tata for now.



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